Disturbance recorder setting recommendations

Disturbance recorder setting recommendations

Disturbance recorder can be extremely helpful in analyzing the reason for protection function trips. Disturbance recordings use standard COMTRADE file format. This means the recording files can be opened by any software that supports COMTRADE format. AQviewer disturbance recorder viewing tool is included in Configuring disturbance recorder is very straight forward.

Setting trigger signals

Go to Monitoring > Disturbance REC. To Recorder trigger set either start or trip signals of the protection function activations you want to be recorded. Basically if you only want to record only faults that result in breaker tripping choose trip signals but if you want all protection pick-ups to be recorded, choose start signals.

Recorder time settings

Set the time recording length and pretriggering time. These define the total length of the recording and how big portion of the recording contains time before and after the trigger. Recommended settings depend on the function with the longest time delay. Lets use 3 second time delay as the longest protection function time delay for this exercise. We want to include the whole fault duration and some time before and after the fault.

Triggering from protection start signals

When longest time delay is 3 seconds set 5 second recording length and 1 second prefault time to include the whole phenomena.

Triggering from protection trip signals

When longest time delay is 3 seconds set 5 second recording length and 4 second prefault time to include the whole phenomena.

Sampling rate

Generally analog sampling rate can always be kept at 64 s/c (samples per cycle). Then you will get the highest resolution recordings that AQ-200 series supports. If you are recording some longer phenomena then it might be useful to set lower sampling rate so that it will not take too long to load the recording from the relay.

Analog signals

Set all voltage and current analog channels that have been connected. Residual current channels Io1F, Io1C, Io2F and Io2C are "coarse" and "fine" gains of the Io1 and Io2 residual current channels. When in doubt set both coarse and fine channels.

Digital channels

To digital channels set at least start and trip signals of each protection function in use. Other good signals to set are circuit breaker status signals, control function statuses (auto-recloser is important).

Uploading the configurations to relay

To upload all of this to the AQ-200 IED go to Commands > Write to relay and select Settings, Logic and Disturbance recorder. 

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