Downloading AQtivate 200 setting tool

Downloading AQtivate 200 setting tool

To download AQtivate 200 setting tool visit our website and log in to our website. Once logged in you should find download link for AQtivate 200 installer at

To get full use of the features included in AQtivate 200 we suggest to read its manual which is also downloadable at

AQtivate 200 setting tool is used for configuring and controlling Arcteq Relays AQ-200 series units. It is an all-in-one tool to configure measurements, protection, control, communication (IEC61850, Modbus etc.), logic programming etc.

If you are interested in any product type in the AQ-200 series we can send example configuration files by request.
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    • Windows systems supported by AQtivate setting tool

      AQtivate setting tool for AQ-200 series IEDs supports any version of Windows 7, 8 and 10. Other operating systems might be able to launch the software but we can't guarantee good performance.
    • How to download AQ-200 series AQtivate setting tool

      AQtivate setting tool is a software available free of charge for anyone registered to our website. Registration requires you to enter name, company and country. When registration is completed and you have logged in the download link is available ...
    • AQtivate setting tool not starting up

      Arcteq AQ-200 series AQtivate setting tool can be run by any Windows 7,8 or 10 version. Windows XP support has ended since 2018. If AQtivate fails to start up with any of the supported Windows versions, check if CD burner software called Roxio is ...
    • Firmware upgrade procedure

      Check that you have the firmware file available for the updating. Firmware file is always labelled in following style e.g. like this ( The firmware file appears to be zip file but DO NOT UNZIP  this file before updating, ...
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      AQ-200 series devices can communicate using both Modbus RTU serial protocol and Modbus TCP protocol. Same data can be accessed using both these protocols. To use Modbus TCP it can be activated with parameter Modbus TCP enable in menu Communication à ...