Upgrading AQ-200 series IED firmware

Upgrading AQ-200 series IED firmware

Firmware file is a zipped file and is labelled in following style e.g. like this (v1.0.1-97-g14e806f.zip). The firmware file appears to be a zip file but DON’T UNZIP this file updating, AQtivate setting and configuration tool does this automatically when needed.

Connecting to the relay

Connect to the relay. Connect the cable between the relays back panel ethernet port and the PC ethernet port, if your relay is in network connect your PC with corresponding IP settings to the hub.

NOTE! AQ-200 series IEDs have an ethernet port in the front side, but it cannot be used for firmware upgrading.

NOTE! AQtivate does not permit firmware upgrading while a configuration file is open. If a configuration file is open the Upgrade Firmwareselection is not available in the Tools

Upgrading the firmware

From the Tools menu, select Upgrade Firmware

Firmware update window opens.

Browse the firmware package location into the Firmware file by pressing the … button in the end of the first row.

When firmware file has been chosen, click Upgrade and the firmware updating starts.

In some cases trying to upgrade firmware into a newer software may fail. Failed attempt will be notified with “Firmware upgrade failed” message instead of “Firmware upgrade done”. The most common cause for this is anti-virus or firewall software interfering with the process. To avoid this we recommend to disable anti-virus and firewalls for the duration of the upgrade process.

During the firmware upgrade the relay will reboot several times and show black/distorted display. At some points AQtivate will inform that connection was closed which is normal. When the firmware is updating the info tag is filled with information of the relay being upgraded.

When the update process is finished the window displays message “Firmware upgrade complete.

After upgrading the relay HMI is fully rebooted after some minutes.

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